Azure DevOps Queries

Azure DevOps Queries


As you may know, Azure DevOps Boards can be used in various project sitations for the respresentation of the development process. Especially in agile environments these boards represents the current state of the work done by a team. But sometimes the needs are different: How can a customer easily see how many bug tickets are open overall? How to see all closed tickets from the past 90 days?

Why should I use queries

Queries are a easy way to formulate some kind of rules which are applied to workitems og Azure DevOps Boards. When they are saved, they can be shared easily with coworkers. In addition to that, queries can be used as a base for further ticket processing like CSV exports or more sophisticated tools like Ticket Studio.

How to configure queries

Queries can be configured in the Boards section of the Azure DevOps. There are some examples like the query “Assigned to me”. This query shows all work items that are assigned to your authenticated user.

For example a new query can be used to display all Product Backlog Items in the current iteration. All you need is to configure two rules:

  1. Work Item Type = Product Backlog Item
  2. Iteration Path = @CurrentIteration in [Project\Team]

What are your favorite and most used queries? Just let me know your thats via mail:

Special credits to Tobias Maier for the headline picture.